I am a calligraphy artist, & watercolour painter living in Pune, India. My studio is based in a well-lit space inside my 2BHK apartment.

I often jump roles between being a painter, calligrapher & blogger. But out of all that, painting brings me joy and ease. It’s a daily activity I do for the conditioning of my soul and practice feelings.

My intention and highest goal are to pass on the purity of my feelings to the collectors of my paintings. And make them realize and cherish the moments they had or will have in their lives.





In 2005, with a leap of faith to join NASA someday, I chose to enter the path of B.E. Never did I know that within a month’s time, going through the syllabus of electrical & electronics engineering, I will be so exhausted. I straight up felt the jolt of choosing something where I clearly DID NOT BELONG!! But hey, I did complete & passed out my 4yrs. of B.E (in 2019) learning much more about hostel life than academics. After which, the reality kicked in and I entered the zone of “what next?”.

Well, in 2010, next in line was the completion of my Diploma in interior designing, which made me more of a decor blogger than an interior designer. Thankfully though, I felt quite a bit of myself because I was closer to designs, colours, patterns, and themes. Eventually, the Internet was graciously rolling me towards all kinds of creative skills viz. calligraphy, watercolouring, painting, quilling, etc.

Since 2014, I recall taking my first ever calligraphy workshop in Pune. There’s no turning back since then. I was teaching and evolving in calligraphy, in addition, to begin illustrating and painting. The vastness and lengths of my experience into crest & trough modes as an artist is…… exactly, I can’t express it in a word.

Tara Nair Studio

Not until 2020, did I realize that I will ever be able to gather the courage to sell the paintings that I have created so far. Though every single piece was painted with intentions and feelings, it never really crossed my mind that anyone would want to buy them or own them for their space.

One finest of all the days, at the corner of my room, I saw two folders, filled with various sizes of paintings I created. And they were placed right next to the diary of my life’s needs and wants. For the sake of my self-dependency, I realized, the time has come, for me to let them go out of my workspace. In August 2020, I announced to myself and my beloved ones, that this workspace will henceforth be called Tara Nair Studio. Within a month’s time, my studio was filled with orders and packages, etc.