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In the year 2020, when my life experienced the first-ever lockdown, I felt numb. Or rather I was more attentive towards my actions and instincts. Till that time, I was pretty much about writing inspiring quotes in beautiful calligraphy and painting flowers.


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The time when the option of going out and meeting people was on hold, was the time for me to going into my conscience and meeting my feelings and the moments that I missed or was missing.

And the entire year 2020 gave me the opportunity to re-connect with myself. Because the need for having fun with others was replaced with a retrospective as well as introspective nature of mine.


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The moods, hands, and their consecutive actions tell stories that one can only watch carefully and feel its essence when the mind is absolutely having no chaos and distractions to grab onto.

I can only hope for you to go in that zone and peacefully sync in with your body’s language. Combined, they have a lot to say to you. Lots of stories to share with you.